Hygiene is paramount to your safety and it all starts at home.  You are responsible for having your nails trimmed, having a clean body and gi. Wash your gi with quality laundry soap after each use. To help keep things white and prevent dryer damage and shrinkage, hang dry in the sun. The sun’s UV rays are a natural disinfectant.  You can also use in the rinse cycle a product called Super Shield from the company Defense Soap Inc. It puts an anti-bacterial barrier in the gi fibers. Transport your gi in a CLEAN gym bag. When soiled, transport in a DIRTY bag, like a plastic grocery bag. Your gym bag never touches a dirty gi and remains clean this way. Remember, gis are to go home with you. Storing them in the dojo is not hygienic for you or anyone else at the dojo.

The mats are cleaned daily with a special, commercial grade anti-bacterial cleaning solution. This is done as part of our cleanliness standard and especially for your safety. Therefore, designate a pair of flip flops, slippers or a shoe that you can simply slide in and out of when you get off and on the mat. Remove and place your street shoes in the designated shoe storage area of the dojo. A foot cleaning station is provided for all athletes stepping on the mat—each time. This helps maintain our cleanliness standard, and more importantly, defends against the spread of bacteria and illness.

Your mouth guard should be kept in a designated case and rinsed and soaked in mouthwash when not in use. Your head gear should be wiped down after each use with an anti-bacterial solution and stored away in your bag.

Our House Rules incorporate our values andthese guidelines, so please take the time to read it below:

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