This concept and this club were born in a kitchen with a group of parents sitting around, fantasizing about what would make a great Judo club. From that beginning to the opening of the club was two months. We took into account parents' experiences from other clubs, both positive and negative, and more importantly, the feedback from kids and students from other clubs considering what they like and do not like. We put all that information into a blender and out came The Judo School.

We are committed to supporting children / students to achieving sports and to being attractive to talent and actively recruiting talent to our club. We want to be a talent incubator. Come to this club if you are serious about Judo and serious about Jiu Jitsu. If you want to learn and do Judo and Jiu Jitsu with some of the best instructors around, we have a small student to instructor ratio, which means our classes are meant to instruct and teach, not to babysit. 

The fact that we are owned and operated by parents, pushes us to being children /student oriented as opposed to being money oriented. We want students to learn what it takes to become champions not only in sport but in real life, win or lose, as we emphasize discipline and focus. If we are making money and NOT producing life champions, then that is a problem for us. 

This is the type of place where we want parents to feel comfortable that they and their children are in a clean and safe environment and that the club is a warm and inviting place for both parents and students.

Our daily approach is overseen by two boards: a Board of parents  whose children attend the club; and a Board of children who are on the mat every day as they are the ones consuming the service.